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It has been determined that with the increase of oleic acid ratio in vegetable oils, many cardiovascular diseases were prevented, the resistance against oxidation increased and the quality was increased accordingly.

Increasing the amount of oleic acid in vegetable oils has become an important target to increase oil quality.

As a result of long studies, this new high oleic acid safflower variety named OLEIN was registered by our Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry in 2019 with the partnership of our company and Isparta University of Applied Sciences and this product has met you.

We wish you health and well-being.

Safflower oil in our facility established by our company; At low temperature, it is squeezed by a mechanical press without disturbing fatty acids, filtered and bottled without human touch.

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  • 250 ml glass bottle

  • 500 ml glass bottle

  • 750 ml glass bottle

  • 5 lt can

  • 18 lt can

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