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  • It was registered by TTSM on behalf of our company in 2017 and is of Ukrainian origin.

  • It is recommended to use 20-22 kg seeds per decare, as it is a variety with high tillering ability.

  • With its strong stem structure, its resistance to lodging and hay yield are high, and thanks to its awn structure, pig and bird damage is not observed.

  • It is recommended to be grown in the Central Anatolia, Western and Eastern Transition Regions, the parts of the Marmara region that receive spring precipitation, the whole of Eastern Anatolia, the high plateaus of the coastal regions and the northern parts of the Southeastern Anatolia region.

  • Gluten is 30-45%, gluten index is 85-95%, protein is 13-16.7%, sedimentation is 45-60, hectoliter weight (kg/hl) is 78-82, and it is preferred by flour mills with Alveo energy of up to 350._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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Stalks of Wheat
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