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  • It was registered by TTSM on behalf of our company in 2017 and is of Ukrainian origin.

  • It is predicted that it will be one of the most cultivated varieties in Turkey in the coming years due to its very good quality values and high yield potential at the same time.

  • It has high drought resistance.

  • It has a high tillering capacity (12-15 pieces) and a high yield potential.

  • It is resistant to lodging as it is a medium-short variety with a strong stem structure.

  • The amount of seed to be used is recommended as 450-500 grains per m2 (20-22 kg/da).

  • It is highly tolerant to brown rust, yellow rust and root collar, powdery mildew diseases.

  • It has a red color, hard and elliptical grain structure.

  • Gluten 32-38%, protein 13-16%, thousand grain weight 41-44 gr, hectoliter weight 81-85 kg/hl,  energy values (w) are in the range of 350-450 Joules, It received full marks by the flour mills that made trial cultivation in Turkey in the first year.

Wheat Field
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