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  • Turkey is the value of early varieties.

  • Thanks to its early yield, wheat can be sown as a second crop behind barley in the Central Anatolia region. It can be planted easily as second crop grain in Southeastern Anatolia and coastal areas.

  • MORPHOLOGICAL PROPERTIES: Its grains are of tooth type. Plant height 250-270 cm. With top tufts 350-370 cm. Number of leaves 16-17 cob length 23-24 cm. Average seed order in each cob is 16-18. It is covered with 84-86% seeds. Bindane weight 290-300 gr. is.

  • BIOLOGICAL PROPERTIES: The maturation time is from the middle group FAO 310 group. The ripening period of seeds is 112-114 days. Initial growth is fast. It has high resistance to cold and drought. It is resistant to lying down. Root attitude is perfect. It has high resistance to root rot.

  • AGRICULTURAL FEATURES: Potential yield 1450-1650 kg./ da. is. 5800-6000 plants per decare are recommended for terrestrial areas and 6000-6500 plants per decare for wetlands. The moisture content in the harvest is 14-16% dry matter and 34-35% in green corn. Protein is 9.8 - 10.2% starch 74.6%.

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