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  • It is a 2-row barley variety that was developed by the Trakya Agricultural Research Institute with crossing studies and obtained production permission in 2021 within the scope of the project carried out with UTEK Seed.

  • MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS:  The spikes are in 2 rows, long and curved. Plant height is medium, 80-105 cm. Its grain is large,  light yellow in color and homogeneous. Ear and fishbone tips 

  • anthosyanlı. 

  • AGRICULTURAL FEATURES: It is a winter variety with good resistance to cold. It is recommended to be grown in ground and semi-floor areas under very different regional conditions. Its tillering capacity and yield potential are quite high. Since the handle structure is strong and elastic, it is resistant to lodging. The amount of seeds to be used is 450-500 grains per m2 (18-20 kg/da).

  • Yield: In the registration application trials, the average yield was 790.7 kg/da, the highest yield was 1003.1 kg/da.

  • PATHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS: It is tolerant to powdery mildew (Blumeria graminis)  and rust diseases (Puccinia hordei). It is highly tolerant of barley leaf spot (Rhynchosporium secalis), leaf networt (Pyrenophora teres ) and leaf stripe spot disease.

  • QUALITY FEATURES: Feeder quality is very good. The grain size of the spike is homogeneous. In registration application trials (2019-2020); Thousand grain weight is 45.1-49.2 g, hectoliter weight is 73.6-75.0 kg. The protein ratio is between 10.4-12.4% and 88.8-94.9% on a 2.8-2.5mm sieve.

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