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  • It was registered by TTSM on behalf of our company in 2017 and is of Ukrainian origin.

  • It has the ability to grow in winter and has a very good resistance to cold, it can be cultivated in arid plantings in the bottom lands, in the regions where the precipitation is well received in the winter and spring months, in the bottom, semi-bottom and arid areas.

  • It is recommended to use 20-22 kg seeds per decare, as it is a variety with high tillering ability.

  • The amount of seed to be used is recommended as 450-500 grains per m2 (20-22 kg/da).

  • It is highly tolerant of brown rust and yellow rust diseases. It is moderately tolerant to root collar and septoria (leaf spot disease).

  • Bread quality is very good and it is a wheat variety with BAF (Strengthtwheat) status in European standards.

  • Per thousand grain weight (g) is 40 - 44 gr, hectoliter (kg/hl) is 80 - 84, energy value (w) is 250 - 350, protein value (%) is 17 -19, gluten(%) is 38 - 40.

Wheat Plant
Wheat Crop
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