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  • It is a variety with white spikes and awns.

  • Their spikes are wide, upright and long.

  • Plant height is medium and 102-116 cm. 

  • It has a solid and thick handle structure.

  • It is one of the best quality bread wheats of Turkey in the White Hard Bread Wheat category.

  • It is the choice of flour industrialists due to its high and stable quality values.

  • Due to its high adaptability, it does not decrease the yield and quality values even in bad growing conditions.

  • It is a variety with an alternative character and has good resistance to cold.

  • It can be cultivated in all of the barren areas of the bottom, semi-bottom and spring rain regions. There is no soil selectivity.

  • It has medium tillering capacity (10-13 pieces), yield potential is high.

  • It is resistant to lodging as its stem structure is strong and of medium height.

  • The amount of seed to be used is recommended as 450-500 grains per m2 (22-24 kg/da).

  • It is recommended to be grown in the Mediterranean, Aegean, Marmara, Thrace, Central Anatolian Passage Regions, Western Anatolian Passage Regions, Black Sea coast and Passage Regions and Southeastern Anatolia Region. If sowing will be done in the cold regions of Central Anatolia, the planting date should be delayed.

  • It has a white color, hard, large and full grain structure.

  • The quality of bread is excellent and it is one of the varieties sold from the highest quality scale.

  • Thousand grain weight 38 -45 gr, Hectoliter weight 78- 81 kg/hl, protein rate 15-17%, flour yield 70-75%, Sedimentation: 50 -68 ml, Energy (W): _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_240-310 Joules

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